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Maison Surrenne Tonneau No. 1 Petite Champagne Cognac

 Maison Surrenne Tonneau No. 1 Petite Champagne Cognac


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Starting in 1922, Maison Surrenne cellarmasters filled an oak tonneau (barrel) with small lots of old petite champagne Cognacs - some dating back to the 1800's. They topped off the barrel every year for 79 years, always with petite champagne eau-de-vie of the highest quality. Spirits guru F. Paul Pacult characterized it as "seductive and understated scents of high cocoa content chocolate, pear drops, dark caramel, oaky vanilla extract and honey… a classic whose rarity makes it all the more special." With fewer than 1000 bottles available for the entire planet, securing this extremely rare treat is essential.

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  • By James F, Richland
     Maison Surrenne Tonneau No. 1 Cognac BEST EVER

    This is with out doubt absolutely the BEST Cognac I have ever tasted !!. We visited Congac several years ago and had the opportunity to taste many obscure local productions, most of which were great. We also are familiar with the Maison Surrenne brand having drunk multiple bottles of their great 1972 and very fine 1996 versions but this one is totally unbelievable ! When 1st opened the nose blasted out of the bottle and assaulted bystanders across the room with the most incredible scent of dried fruit, nuts, honey and mature wood. The effect on the palate was like floating to heaven on a cloud, smooth, velvety, and expansive with fig, dried apple, honey, hints of cinnamon, clove and cocoa. You hardly notice the alcohol in this golden brown elixir. The finish was nothing short of an invitation for another glass. I just had to buy a 2nd bottle and wish I could afford to buy a dozen.


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