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Del Maguey 'Santo Domingo Albarradas' Mezcal Oaxaca

   Del Maguey 'Santo Domingo Albarradas' Mezcal Oaxaca
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Nestled among tropical plants and rushing streams high in the mountains of southern Oaxaca lays the small village of Santo Domingo Albarradas. Here, a father and son team crafts some of the world's finest Mezcal, using the same primitive equipment and techniques as their ancestors. Over 50 years of distilling experience has taught them how to coax out delicate tropical aromas, spicy herbaceous flavors and a smooth, pure finish from the maguey (agave plant). Trying mezcal for the first time or coming back for more? Look no further.

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Del Maguey (pronounced ma-gay), Single Village Mezcal was founded in 1995 by internationally renowned artist and mezcal visionary, Ron Cooper. Ron introduced the world to previously unavailable 100% certified organic, artisanal mezcal produced the original handcrafted way. Through deep cultural relationships with Zapotec Mexican Indian producers in the remote villages of Oaxaca, Mexico, Del Maguey harnesses ancient, original organic processes. Combining these methods with varying micro-climates and terroir gives each creation its own unique, rich, sweet and smoky character. Every product in our collection is made by individual family palenqueros (producers) in old-style villages. We are the first producer to credit each product after the village where our liquid is made. "Single Village Mezcal." In essence, this methodology supports village producers (palenqueros) the freedom to produce mezcal using ancient practices that the indigenous people of Oaxaca have been employing before the Spanish conquest. The result is a distinct character and singular purity from village to village. The state of Oaxaca's topography is the most varied in the country of Mexico. The capital city of Oaxaca is in the center of a confluence of three great valleys at an altitude of 6,500 feet. There are mountains, plains, fertile valleys, tropical jungles and the Pacific Ocean all creating many differing growing zones for many varieties of maguey. The way we explain the general breakdown of taste is: The high, narrow mountain valley mezcals are simpler, more subtle, drier and smoother. They are more aromatic and go to the upper palate. The broad-low valley mezcals are fruiter, more complex and spicier. Cheeky, chewy, middle mouth with lots of body. Mezcal is the mother of Tequila, and Del Maguey represents its true heritage. It is among the finest and purest spirits available in the world. The way mezcal affects one's palate and the way it warms the chest, throat and mouth are quite different than any other alcohol. And Del Maguey, Single Village Mezcals transcend all others. The Zapotec people are still producing one of the most important hand crafted distillates on earth. With minimal resources, they are up against multinational might and multimillion-dollar facilities, like those found in the state of Jalisco, where tequila is made. Like their ancestors, they still make offerings to deities, in exchange for permission and blessings, before harvesting for the revered spirit, which they regard as a spiritual entity.

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