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Go Big or Go Home: Araujo, Harlan, Diamond Creek, and More

It's the right time of year to consider the Magnum.

A 1.5 liter bottle makes a statement when you or your guests arrive at a dinner party or a family event. It conveys magnanimity and bonhomie. Plunking a big bottle down on the table tells people "I did not come here to play around." It tells others that you want them to drink heartily and enjoy themselves.

Magnums and 3L wines are also rare collectibles, especially in their original wooden boxes. Because their wine-to-headspace ratio in the bottle is higher than 750ml bottles, the wines are less exposed to oxygen, and age more slowly, making the wines longer-lived. It's another great reason to lay in a few big bottles!

Here at Bounty Hunter, we endorse this idea. Please click on, and check out our selection of rare and great Magnums, mostly of the Cabernet Sauvignon persuasion. Between Harlan, Mayacamas, and Opus One, you're certain to find some "Great Stuff" to grace your table.


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9/28/2016 6:33:52 PM
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