123 Organic Tres Anejo Tequila

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After eighteen months in oak, 1 2 3 Organic Tres Añejo's wood character is prominent, but never overwhelming. The first whiff brings with it a good dose of vanilla-laced tannin and wood oil notes. This fades, revealing rich caramel and milk chocolate notes as the spirit envelopes one's palate. This is truly a luxurious añejo Tequila. The virtuous will be rewarded with patience as this spirit really opens up when given extra time in the glass.

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Our love affair with 1 2 3 Organic Tequila began when founder and producer David Ravandi first introduced us to his certified organic liquid treasures many years ago. 1 2 3 Organic is one of the first USDA certified tequilas available in the United States. Produced from only the finest, sustainably grown 100% blue agave, there is a reason this brand has sustained in a competitive environment that crushes lesser brands on a seemingly weekly basis. Tequila is often a misunderstood craft, and when David began producing these spirits the mission was to bring a new understanding to the world about how treasured and pristine this spirit is. It’s a celebratory spirit that is appropriate for any occasion, and these are among the cleanest and purest tequilas we've ever tasted. 123 Organic Tequila begins its journey to your glass as sweet juice pressed from the roasted heart of the Blue Agave. Like pulque, the sacred ceremonial drink of the Aztecs, this sweet mosto is fermented and then transformed by the careful art of distillation into the purest 100% Blue Agave tequila.

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750 ml Bottle