1950 Gordon & Macphail Macallan 'Speymalt' Single Malt Whisky Speyside

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Gordon & MacPhail have been pioneering independent bottlers and whisky purveyors for generations. Macallan is an icon in the distillation and maturation of sherried Scotch. Add them together, let rest for 50 years and you get this stunning solution. Dried figs, sultanas and a hint of smoke start you off, followed by complex notes of toffee, spice and licorice that lead to a long, slow, smooth finish. This is a collector's item not to be missed, get yours now before Macallan buys it back and charges triple this price.

Contrary to what the name implies, these guys don't know the meaning of fail. Co-founders James Gordon and John Alexander MacPhail, along with their apprentice John Urquhart, developed one of the first whisky brokerage businesses over 110 years ago. Specializing in single malt whiskies from famous distilleries such as Macallan, Glenrothes and Mortlach, they began to select and fill ex-sherry casks with various single malts and mature the whisky for much longer than was customary at the time. They recognized the importance of maturation in the creation of fine malt whisky and realized the truth of the old adage: "the wood makes the whisky." As Jim Murray, author of "The Whisky Bible" once said, "Gordon & MacPhail is a name that makes the heart of us whisky veterans skip a beat." Have a few sips and start checking your pulse.

Spirit (Varietal):
Scotch Whisky
Country of Origin:
United Kingdom
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