1991 Cognac Frapin 25 Year Bounty Hunter Private Selection


It’s time to step up your brandy game with this Bounty Hunter exclusive! A perfect glass of Cognac as breathtaking as the views at Chateau Fontpinot! Bold flavors, bottled at 82.4 proof, with oaky tones of sweet vanilla and dried dates meld seamlessly with orange peel, melon and nutmeg spice. Embark on a trip to Grande Champagne with this bottle! Less than 100 cases produced, this is one to buy by the case and share with your friends!

**Also available in 60 bottle allocations with custom labels for your gift recipients, ask your wine scout!

Often it’s impossible to drill the history of a centuries-old estate down to just a few words. Early this year we had the opportunity to visit the legendary chateau in Segonzac called Fontpinot, which sits in a small dale among the Ugni Blanc planted throughout the lush hillside vineyards of Grande Champagne. The château is home to Cognac Frapin, which has been growing grapes for the purpose of Cognac distillation since 1270. Their cellars are covered in cobwebs (spiders are great for the environment), and house thousands of barrels of aging brandy. Here you will find some demijohns of aged spirit older than the state of California. It is a special place, and we were able to secure an exclusive bottling of one of the best brandies we’ve tasted from the estate just for you!

Spirit (Varietal):
25 Years
Alcohol %:
Cognac Frapin
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