1993 Buffalo Trace O.F.C. - Old Fashioned Copper 25 Year Straight Bourbon Whiskey OWC

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One of the rare instances that we don't taste a spirit before we bring it in, but this one is a no-brainer for the high-end collector. 

Buffalo Trace’s tasting notes for this whiskey describe it as having “a nose of dark cherry, honey, and smoked oak. On the palate, notes of caramel, toasted vanilla, and cocoa are found. For the finish, coffee, maple syrup and oak linger.”

O.F.C. refers to the Old Fashioned Copper Distillery, which sat on the land where Buffalo Trace currently resides in 1870.

“It’s hard to believe that the same year this bourbon was made, in 1993, the world wide web was just becoming a ‘thing,’ and introduced to the public domain,” said master distiller Harlen Wheatley in a press release. “Now when you think of how far everything has come, from a technology standpoint to bourbon’s popularity again, it’s mind blowing. What’s really amazing is how solid this bourbon is, and how the taste and integrity have held up. It’s a real tribute to Elmer and Gary Gayheart and the rest of the team at the Distillery for this vintage to have this consistency and taste this good after aging for 25 years.”

This is only the second public release of any O.F.C bourbon. In 2016 three vintages of O.F.C. were donated to non-profit organizations. Those bottles of 1980, 1982, and 1983 whiskey were auctioned off last Spring, according to Buffalo Trace, “and raised nearly $1.2 million for a variety of causes such as cancer services, cystic fibrosis, leukemia and lymphoma, children’s rights, autism, military veterans, animal protection, arts foundations, and many more.”

To appreciate the full history of Buffalo Trace distillery is a daunting task. It is a brand and place that has produced legendary whiskey for generations, and was helmed by some of the biggest icons in American distilling. George T. Stagg bought the O.F.C. distillery from Colonel E. H. Taylor in 1878, and together the two men built the company into a distilling behemoth, taking its business to unseen levels in the industry. In 1904 the distillery was renamed and now donned the moniker of its owner and brightest star. Throughout the 20th century, the distillery saw a number of changes. Prohibition came and went (GTS was one of a few distilleries permitted to produce whiskey "for medicinal purposes" during this troubling time.) The distillery changed hands a couple of times throughout the decades, and finally landed in the hands of the family behind the Sazerac Company in 1992. Along the way they introduced the first single barrel bourbon, named for Albert Blanton who followed in the footsteps of Masters Taylor and Stagg. The company rechristened themselves Buffalo Trace Distillery in 1999 and have been on a tear ever since. With the Sazerac company leading the charge Buffalo Trace is responsible for releasing the most sought after American whiskey year after year.

Bourbon Whiskey
25 Years
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American Oak; 100% new & charred
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Buffalo Trace
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750 ml Bottle