1997 Signatory 'Glen Grant' 20 year Bounty Hunter Private Selection Single Malt Whisky


Glen Grant is one of the great Speyside distilleries, with its signature oily character and robust fruit-forward profile. This barrel really stood out to us during our last visit to Signatory’s warehouse in Pitlochry. A stellar melding of flavor, density and complexity. Well-aged malt from one of the finest distilleries in all of Scotland for under $130, this is a no-brainer! 

Looking for value in the world of single malt whisky? We immediately turn to Independent Bottlers, of which Signatory is among the top echelon. Proprietor Andrew Symington has embarked on an endless quest for über-rare, single malt Scotch. (It’s a quest we relate to.) Symington christened it “Signatory” because he wanted someone famous to sign their single cask bottlings. When their first cask (’68 Glenlivet) was ready, they still hadn’t found their signer and just moved forward. It turns out their offerings need no endorsement; they speak well enough for themselves. We had the opportunity to visit back in March, tour the distillery, and walk among the casks, hand-selecting those we wanted to taste. We seemed to be drawn to 20+ year Speyside distilleries. At least that is what we wound up finding that really blew our hair back. These selections are among the best we’ve come across this year and we trust you’ll give them a good home!

Spirit (Varietal):
Scotch Whisky
20 years
Alcohol %:
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