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This is Dom Perignon's “Plenitude 2” vintage wine, a term they came up with to describe an extra measure of richness and complexity that they have found comes with time. The first “Plenitude” comes after 7-9 years in the bottle, and the second comes after 17-20 years in the bottle, hence “Plénitude 2.” Suckling cooed about its “very fine texture with dried pineapple and lemon character. Medium to full body, complex and flavorful palate. Shows length and beauty. Pie crust, cooked apple and lemon rind continue on the finish. A truly great 2000 with a combination of finesse and strength. It’s very, very minerally to a point of sea salt.”

Quite literally the Godfather of modern winemaking, Dom Perignon was a monk who lived at the Abby of Saint Pierre d'Hautvillers in the mid 1600s. While he was mesmerized by the bubbles captured in sparkling wine he did not (contrary to popular belief) invent sparkling wine. He did however spend nearly 50 years of his as the Abby's Cellar Master employing the most modern and thoughtful winemaking techniques. His efforts to "make the best wine in the world" are so legendary that his name lives on in perpetuity. Today the wine house of Dom Perignon's Chef de Cave strives to honor the namesake by producing a wine that is revealing of the lands' very soul. He's got a great canvas to work with; the picturesque rolling hills of the Marne Valley are the stuff of dreams for Champagne winemakers. Champagnes that set the world standard… talk about a legacy!

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750 ml Bottle