2010 Fuenteseca Extra Anejo Tequila 7 Year

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Enrique Fonseca's family has been cultivating agave in the hills east of Guadalajara for over 100 years. For the last 25 years he has been producing and amassing the largest stocks of aged Tequila anywhere. This beauty is aged 7 years in American and French oak, and accentuates the sweet agave spirit exquisitely without overwhelming its nuances. Citrus, floral and mineral aromas complement the agave sweetness that is apparent on the nose. Viscous and rich on the palate with a nice bit of baking spice that warms the finish. One of the rarest treats in the world of Tequila. Salud!

Enrique Fonseca crafts some of the finest aged Tequila ever produced. From an elevation of 3800 feet above Jalisco he stores large stocks of Tequila in a combination of French and American oak. Some aged up to 25 years. The incredible thing about Fonseca's mastery of his craft is that the spirit never loses its roots. While it takes on soft spices and vanilla and other characteristics, rather than losing all notes of Agave he manages to keep the fresh, green sweetness in balance. Masterful bottlings from a true artisan.

Spirit (Varietal):
7 years
Oak Treatment:
American and French Oak
Country of Origin:
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