2012 Suertes del Marques '7 Fuentes' Red, Canary Islands


Well here's a bit of a left turn. Today we travel to the island of Tenerife, a Spanish island off the coast of Western Sahara in North Africa. While the principal industry on these volcanic islands is tourism, there is also a surprising amount of distinctive wine made here.

The Orotava Valley is on the North-central end of the island. The main red grape here is Listán Negro, a black skinned version of the Palomino grape used to make Sherry in Jerez. We Californios know Listán Negro as the Mission grape, first planted here in Alta California in the 18th century. In the Canaries, Listán produces a soft, floral, cherry-scented red that is somewhat pale in color and versatile at the table.

Enter Suertes del Marqués, which means The Marquis' Plots," founded in 2006 by Jonatan Garcia Lima. This is an intensely quality-minded producer making fresh, fruit-driven wines like this one, with notes of cherry, cranberry, fresh herbs, and exotic spices. This is the rare red wine that we would happily encourage you to employ like the Canary Islanders do, and serve with fish. "

Red Blend
Oak Treatment:
Concrete Tank
Country of Origin:
Canary Islands
Total Varietal Composition %:
90% Listán Negro and 10% Tintilla
Alcohol %:
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