2013 Fuenteseca Cosecha 'Huerta Singular-El Maguey' Blanco Tequila

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Aromas of pure, roasted agave sweetness are framed by intense tropical fruit interlaced with the slightest touch of spice. On the palate the spice explodes the way John Bonham's drums stand out in virtually every Led Zeppelin song. There’s a number of flavors working in unison with the spice, fresh papaya, notes of black pepper, a touch of coriander, and a wisp of citrus. Don’t miss this tequila revolución! It's the best bottle you'll buy this year!

Team Bounty Hunter Top 20 of 2017 Pick
"The spice notes on this tequila are amazing!" -- Alan Lewis
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Enrique Fonseca crafts some of the finest aged Tequila ever produced. From an elevation of 3800 feet above Jalisco he stores large stocks of Tequila in a combination of French and American oak. Some aged up to 25 years. The incredible thing about Fonseca's mastery of his craft is that the spirit never loses its roots. While it takes on soft spices and vanilla and other characteristics, rather than losing all notes of Agave he manages to keep the fresh, green sweetness in balance. Masterful bottlings from a true artisan.

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100% Blue Agave
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Enrique Fonseca
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