2014 Belle Glos 'Eulenloch' Pinot Noir Carneros


NEW! So new it’s not even on their web site, and allocated primarily to restaurants in Northern California (thankfully we have one), we’re thrilled to offer you a few cases of this new rarity from Belle Glos. Only 300 cases were made of this harmony of sumptuous red cherries, dried cranberries, and baking spices, all in Belle Glos’ trademark sweet-fruited, dark, rich style. Hop on this one, Belle Glos fans!

Sometimes the offspring of a winemaking legacy needs to cut a different path before returning to the home nest. Being raised in the cellars of Napa Cabernet icons, Joe Wagner nonetheless decided that Pinot Noir was his calling. His father Chuck taught him the nuts-and-bolts reality of the field work and hose dragging that go to the heart of winemaking, so he wasn’t walking into the Pinot growing challenge wearing blinders. Joe understands that it’s the minutiae of vineyard work that makes great fruit happen. For the last decade, he’s been dialing up the fruit intensity on the top-shelf properties that make the cut for this project, and the wine world has taken notice. Critics, consumers… you name it. The word is out that Belle Glos has become a major player in the world of seductive California Pinot Noir.

Pinot Noir
Joe Wagner
Total Varietal Composition %:
100% Pinot Noir
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