2014 Frederic Magnien 'Les Baudes' Chambolle-Musigny 1er Cru RGS


les Baudes" means "the abodes," and is just across the street from Bonnes Mares on the north side of Chambolle-Musigny. Fred Magnien graciously allowed us to pick our favorite barrel of this magic premier cru, and it blooms from the glass with notes of violets, crushed strawberries and red cherries, and of course Chambolle's famed gingery Christmas spices. Give this one a little rest in the cellar and prepare for firecrackers when you open it! "

Frédéric Magnien is one of Burgundy’s most talented native sons. The fifth generation of a winemaking lineage born in the charming village of Morey-Saint-Denis, he produces a mind-boggling array of wines – as many as 50 separate bottlings in some years. His standards are maniacal. He’s been known to ride his bike to vineyards with a picnic lunch just to sit down and watch his growers tend their grapes. He offers a premium for the fruit so they’ll do things his way, and he wants them to know he’s paying full attention at every turn. Then it’s onto his cellar with rows of small-batch fermentation tanks and random tiny bins that seem barely capable of holding fruit. Dozens and dozens of lots from Chablis to Corton bubbling away as the mad scientist does what he was born to do. We keep going buying and recommending his wines for a very simple reason: He’s really, really good at his job.

Pinot Noir
Frédéric Magnien
Country of Origin:
Les Baudes
Total Varietal Composition %:
100% Pinot Noir
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