2014 Philippe Livera Chapelle Chambertin Grand Cru

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You may know that we have been pounding the podium - like Khrushchev at his most manic - about young Damien Livera's talent at this old family domaine in Gevrey-Chambertin. This is a KNOCKOUT expression of Chappelle-Chambertin from 60 year old vines from a single, 1 acre plot just below Clos de Bèze. Griottes cherries, cloves, roast beef, and toasted thyme make this such a fascinating Pinot. We would put this up against almost any Rousseau or Dugat-Py wine, any day of the week. Try at least a bottle and see why.

In Burgundy, more than almost anywhere else in the wine world, too often you pay for a Name. If there’s a Gros, Leroy, Leflaive, Ponsot, or a word like Comtes on the label, keep an eye on your wallet. There’s a reason for this, of course – the great domaines of Burgundy are expensive because a) they have the best terroirs + b) they’re run by perfectionists, + c) the word has gotten out. But what if the word hasn’t gotten out? What if, ten years ago, a talented youngster barely out of college decided to take the reins from his dad, and quietly renovate the cellar and winemaking techniques? This is what happened at Domaine Les Tilleuls in Gevrey-Chambertin. Quality jumped exponentially when young Damien Livera took over from dad Philippe, but the critics and the public have not caught on. Today the Livera wines are plush, deeply colored, concentrated red Burgundies that combine power and finesse – they are totally underrated and as such are a very smart buy.

Pinot Noir
Damien Livera
Country of Origin:
Chapelle Chambertin
Total Varietal Composition %:
100% Pinot Noir
SKU #:
750 ml Bottle