2014 Seven Hills Ciel Du Cheval Red


Sometimes the profundity of an important terroir shines through, clear as day, in a red wine. This is one such example. This wine is Seven Hills’ 14th vintage from the famed Ciel du Cheval Vineyard on Red Mountain, one of the oldest and most proven vineyards in the Northwest, first planted in 1975. 

There are currently 102 acres under cultivation in this vineyard. When the Missoula floods formed the Red Mountain region, the Scooteney Channel backed up, leaving behind deposits of gravel and stone. The soil here is composed of loam on gravel beds that reach as deep as 12 feet or more. The high calcium carbonate content of the soil is the key to this fruit’s superb quality; calcareous soils seem to be the common thread for some of the world’s greatest wines, without a doubt. 

We loved this wine’s notes of fresh baked blackberry pie with hints of earthy baking spices. Big and rich on the palate, the flavors just keep coming: cherry compote, blueberries, earth and creamy oak. This is precisely the kind of wine that will persuade you that perhaps you don’t own enough Washington Cabernet blends!

Proprietary Red
Red Hills
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750 ml Bottle