2014 Vasco Urbano 'Hayes Ranch' Syrah Livermore Valley


Vasco Urbano is a label created by Nottingham Cellars, a creation of Jeff and Diane Cranor, natives of the East Bay who sold their share of a manufacturing business in 2005 and embarked upon an adventure in the wine business. 

Vasco Urbano Louriero was a London-born artist and caricaturist who found himself in Livermore, California in 1910, and made his living by drawing caricatures of the townspeople in this dusty frontier town. The label pays homage to him by featuring one of his drawings, namely one of Henry Frederick Anspach, a Livermore farmer, who could often be seen smoking his pipe and looking very relaxed and pleased after a rewarding day on his ranch. Meticulous farming practices at Hayes Ranch, where Syrah sits nearly 1000 feet above sea level, result in a full-bodied wine with rich color and density, as well as earthy tones and an inherent smokiness from vintage to vintage. Enjoy this beast with any terrestrial meat or your favorite smoke!

Livermore Valley
Hayes Ranch
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