Corton-Rognets? Try Corton-ROCKIN’! Oh Lord, the gingerbread spice, the savory, meaty aromas! So ripe and succulent, why pay twice as much for a village wine from a big, overrated name?

* Does not fit in a Gift Box

Over the years, we have visited countless cellars in Burgundy with no shortage of surprises. We were first introduced to Domaine Cornu by one of our liaisons (he happens to live next door to the winery, so that helps). We imagined the initial meeting to be a matter of neighborly courtesy, which was confirmed when we descended into the cellar, a mostly haphazard collection of ancient winemaking equipment and a tasting room floor comprised of sawdust and wood chips. This was clearly not a space designed to impress guests. And then we tasted the wine… This spring, we couldn’t wait to return. The Domaine Cornu page in last year’s catalog was one of our most popular of the year, and we knew we had to be on our game to make sure we found you the belles of this Burgundy ball again. The three we chose were the picks of the litter, and once again, prove the old adage that you shouldn’t ever judge a book by its cover (or its wood chips). It’s wines like these that keep us on the hunt, and we’re thrilled to champion their liquid gospel to anyone who will listen.

Pinot Noir
Alexander Cornu
Country of Origin:
Total Varietal Composition %:
100% Pinot Noir
SKU #:
750 ml Bottle