2015 Emmolo 'Plumerai' Reserve Sauvignon Blanc Napa Valley 1L

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This is an undeniably unique Sauvignon Blanc, the result of a time-consuming and labor-intensive experiment involving thinning the grape clusters to ensure more abundant and even exposure to sunlight within each cluster. Unusually low in alcohol and lively in acidity, this crisp white glows with ripe melon and citrus but surprisingly little herbaceousness. A must try trailblazer for any wine lover with a sense of adventure.

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Yet another Wagner joins the fold! With her brothers Joe and Charlie running Belle Glos and Mer Soleil, respectively, and her father Chuck helming the family flagship at Caymus Vineyards, Jenny Wagner is taking a different tack in continuing her mother's side of the family legacy. Dating back to the 1920's when her maternal great-grandfather established a vineyard nursery in Rutherford, Jenny's roots on both sides of her family tree stretch deep into the very early days of Napa Valley. She has partnered with her grandparents, who still own and farm Napa vineyards, and her mother, who established the brand by making wine in the same building that housed the family's original winery in 1934. Emmolo (em-oh-low) represents another step forward for one of Napa Valley's first families of winemaking excellence.

Sauvignon Blanc
Jenny Wagner
Napa Valley
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1 Liter Bottle