2015 Flanagan "Sun Chase" Pinot Noir Sonoma County


Eric Flanagan came to the wine business from a love of wine. His family did not own a winery or a vineyard, and Eric did not grow up on a farm. Through his travels Eric became a terroir-freak, fascinated by how grapes of the same variety expressed themselves in different places. From New Zealand to Greece, Eric visited wine growing regions around the world, but in the late 90s he chose to create his vision in Sonoma. He started in 1999 with the purchase of 40 acres on the side of Bennett Mountain, which is the steep hillside where this Syrah is produced. Many people feel that the wine is reminiscent of the top wines from the great Hermitage region in the Rhone Valley.

Pinot Noir
Sonoma County
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750 ml Bottle