2016 Alesia Chardonnay Santa Cruz Mountains


Alesia is the creation of Rhys Vineyards, one of the most exciting producers of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir not just in the Santa Cruz Mountains, but all of California. Rhys was started in 2004 by Kevin Harvey, a software industry veteran, venture capitalist, and unreformed Burgundy nut. This was certainly never going to be a Cabernet Sauvignon project! 

This lovely Chardonnay comes from the Alpine Vineyard, just 10 miles from the ocean on the west side of the Santa Cruz Mountains. The top soils here range from 6" to 20," and overlay chalky Purisima formation sedimentary bedrock, which is 4 million years old, from the Pliocene epoch. Kevin says, “The distinctive combination of coiled power and fine marine/saline complexity is truly unforgettable.” We agree, and the wine’s enticing marine character will only come out with additional time in the bottle!

Santa Cruz Mountains
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