2016 Analemma Tinto Mosier Hills Columbia Gorge


Analemma is an exciting new producer on the Oregon side of the Columbia Gorge, who first caught our attention for their brilliant Blanc de Noirs sparkling wine that would embarrass many a wine from the Montaigne de Reims. Founded by Steven Thompson and Kris Fade in 2010, the goal of this property is to excel using old vines, organic farming, less-common varieties, and little to no new oak in the cellar. 

First planted in 2011, the Mosier Hills is the home and heart of Analemma. Located on a south-facing ridge created by the Missoula Floods, Analemma’s home base lies amid a patchwork of oak and grassland, where cobblestones and glacial sands dominate the landscape. Located at 550 feet in elevation with only 20 inches of rainfall each year, Mosier is just the right combination of a cool maritime climate and a hot continental climate. It yielded this juicy, vibrant, spicy red in 2016, blended primarily between Tempranillo and Grenache, with a little brushstroke of Syrah. It’s Rioja by way of the Columbia, meant to drink on the early side.

Red Blend
Columbia Valley
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