2016 Diamond Creek 3 Pack Magnum Set in Wood Box


The ultimate “box set” for the Diamond Creek collector, here’s a three-magnum horizontal of the 2016 wines in a smart wooden box.  It will make such a fine centerpiece to your cellar, for decades to come.

When the late Al Brounstein carved out a rugged parcel on the slopes of Diamond Mountain almost 50 years ago, he made California history. Three separate parcels (actually four if you include the microscopic "Lake" block) with three distinct soil types were identified and planted in the hopes that they would yield three wines with their own personalities. Four decades hence, Al's vision has been validated, and his family has carried on with what at the time must have seemed like borderline lunacy. The style has evolved - these wines are drinkable far sooner than some of their earlier brethren - but the focus on quality most definitely has not. Join us in raising a glass to 40 years of Diamond Creek!

Cabernet Sauvignon
Phil Steinschreiber
Napa Valley
Diamond Mountain
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