2016 Jaeger Family Extra Virgin Olive Oil Napa Valley


What do you do when you find an orchard of 100-year-old, abandoned olive trees on your Napa winery property? Travel to Europe to learn how to make it, and then establish a grower’s co-op, of course! This is exactly what Lila Jaeger did in 1992, and today her daughter in law Kris carries on the family tradition. This oil is made from multiple cultivars: Boutillan and Aglandau, [Provençe] Farga, [Spain] and Leccino, Frantoio, and Pendolino [Tuscany]. It’s golden-green, and gleams with clean and fruity freshness. The heat of the Napa Valley sun gives the oil superb weight and viscosity.

Country of Origin:
United States
Napa Valley
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