2016 Jonas ‘The Aerialist’ Cabernet Franc Napa Valley

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Something easy enough to sip on, inviting enough to come back to, and refreshing enough that it invites enjoying more than a glass – maybe even a bottle. Soft, supple tannins, plenty of ripeness and supple fruit – with style points to spare.

Zach Long is the sort of guy with a lot of raw enthusiasm for winemaking. “Nobody’s really doing that” is less of a warning and more of an intriguing challenge for Zach who has winemaking experience on three continents. After all, how else do you find out why nobody’s doing it that way if you don’t give it a shot?Zach removed all the proverbial restrictor plates in the making of Jonas. No-holds-barred, he starts with Cabernet Franc grapes that are the size of peas (and produce very little juice). With the attention of a helicopter parent, Zach meticulously triple sorts the grapes, and then ferments them in new French oak barrels that have had the barrel-heads removed. After about two weeks the barrel heads are put back on and the grapes, skins and seeds remain inside for a full four to five months. With the patience of a saint he waits, and waits, until the wine has achieved optimal tannin integration. The juice is then pressed off of the skins and returned to age in barrel until Jonas really starts coming together. It’s insanely hard work but the results speak for themselves.

Cabernet Franc
Napa Valley
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750 ml Bottle