2017 Chappellet 'Mountain Cuvee' Proprietary Red Napa Valley


Year in and year out, Mountain Cuvée is eminently drinkable, packed with black fruit flavors, and oozing sex appeal in a way that other $30 reds in these parts don’t. Look for a generous helping of super-sweet chocolaty fruit, black cherry liqueur and spicy fig jam. This is the kind of wine that restaurants love to pour by-the-glass, because they know precisely what will happen!

If you asked us for our list of Napa Valley wineries currently making the highest quality, most complete, most consistent, most interesting, most ageworthy wines for the money, Chappellet Winery would be at the top. Consider all the metrics: track record, intrinsic quality, taste of the soil, availability, quality-price rapport, freshness, and visceral excitement. Is this the finest winery, top-to-bottom, in the Napa Valley? Why are the wines so good? First, take a great terroir: volcanic terraces high on Pritchard Hill that were first planted in 1882. It’s no accident that Colgin, Continuum, and Bryant Family set up shop in the neighborhood. Then we have 47 years of accumulated knowledge from some of the best winemaking talent the valley has ever seen: Philip Togni, Joe Cafaro, Tony Soter, Cathy Corison and finally Philip Corallo-Titus, who has been at the winemaking helm since 1990. And finally there’s the huge Chappellet family, dedicated as a team to farm great grapes and make superb wines since 1968.

Proprietary Red
Napa Valley
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