2017 Fortant Minervois

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Minervois is an unheralded wine region from which you'll find exceptional values and richly balanced wines. It covers 5000 Hectares from the Black Mountain to the dried-up marsh of Marseillette, across the Languedoc’s scrubland. The climate is typically Mediterranean though mild, with superb exposure to the sun and low rainfall. What makes this terroir unique is how the Syrah grapes grown in lacustrine limestone express themselves with such richness and complexity. 
This wine is deep red in color and offers an intense, complex nose redolent of black currant, sweet anise, pepper and dark cocoa. Rich and intense on the palate, boasting pure, complex flavors of black fruit and fresh spices. Don't want to shell out the coin for Hermitage or other Syrah-based wines, take this for a spin and you'll be pleased as punch.

Red Blend
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750 ml Bottle