2017 Hundred Acre Horizontal 3-pack: Ark, Kayli Morgan, Few and Far Between OWC

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Direct from the winery these coveted new 2017 releases will be cherished by the fortunate few able to secure them. Jayson Woodbridge understands the essence of Cabernet Sauvignon like few other winemakers, collecting perfect scores year after year. Robert Parker claims that each vintage seems to outdo the one before, which bodes well for this prodigious collection. Will there have to be a score greater than 100 one day? Jayson seems determined to find out. 

Ark: A deep, profound bouquet of blue-black fruit, dried violets and well-worn leather come together in a complex, full-bodied and supremely textured masterpiece. 

Kayli Morgan: From his home vineyard, Woodbridge crafts a masterful Cabernet Sauvignon with clean, distinct aromas of cedar pencil, black currant, violets and tobacco. Seamless and sensual, with micro-fine tannins and a long, tremendous finish. 

Few and Far Between: Jayson Woodbridge’s relentless pursuit of perfection is on full display in a wine so deep and bold it’ll give you goosebumps. This is pure pleasure and as polished as they come.

Cabernet Sauvignon
Napa Valley
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3 Pack 750 ml