2017 Remoissenet Corton Charlemagne Grand Cru

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Remoissenet is an ancient house founded in 1877, and today they are absolutely fanatical about quality, insisting on very low yields and only allowing perfect fruit into the winery. In the great 2015 vintage, this was easy to do. This grand Chardonnay truly shimmers with lime blossoms, peaches, granny smith apples, and the chalky minerals the hill of Corton is so well known for. Corton-Charlemagne stuns with its density of flavors, not with body and alcohol, and this one is no exception! Fantastic stuff.
Arrival Late July 2019

The ancient Beaune négociant Remoissenet (ruh-mwah-sun-eh) has such an impressive history. Not only have they been in business since the late 19th century, but they have also had new life pumped into them via a super-rich, quality-minded investment group, and finally (if not most importantly) because their cellar houses an inventory of more than a million back vintage bottles. This is a winery with absolutely fanatical quality obsession that shows in their pricing. Remoissenet wines are truly great, but never cheap, à la Maison Leroy. Why? Because in Burgundy, where it is very easy for a farmer to make a fine living bottling their own wines, a top négoce has to pay top dollar for both fruit and finished wine—they’re essentially bribing great growers NOT to go into business for themselves.

Claudie Jobard
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100% Chardonnay
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