2018 Penfolds 'Max's' Chardonnay Adelaide Hills

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You can’t beat this price for a balanced, blooming Chardonnay from an iconic Australian estate. Jasmine and rose float above stone fruit and citrus with a little nougat sweetness from the delicate use of oak. Cream and acidity swirl around each other in this seriously refreshing Chard.

Penfolds has a very long and meandering history, and represents generations of winemaking knowledge in action. In 1844, Dr. Christopher and Mary Penfold planted vineyards at Magill Estate near Adelaide. The first Penfolds wines, from the 1800s, were made from newly established vineyards around Adelaide and made for the enjoyment of new South Australian colonists. During the first part of the 20th century, Penfolds gradually added significant acreage and became a household name across Australia. It exported table and fortified wines throughout the Commonwealth. After a visit to France in 1950, Penfolds chief winemaker Max Schubert dreamed bigger, wanting to dramatically expand the winery’s export presence, as the French had. The iconic Penfolds Grange came forth in 1951, leading to a remarkable parade of wines that would bring Penfolds wines worldwide acclaim for their richness, consistency, and longevity.

Adelaide Hills
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750 ml Bottle