2018 Pursuit 'Campfire' Proprietary Red Napa Valley

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This Bordeaux-inspired beauty is a blend of the best, by the best. The best fruit in the Valley guided by the best winemakers in the world – Philippe Melka, Michel Roland, and Matt Sands worked as one to deliver value in spades! Bold and bountiful on the nose, with charred earth and spice. Layers of tobacco, leather and floral notes mingle with red and black fruit on a round palate with hints of smooth, sweet vanilla. Warm up with this glorious blend all year round.

If you’ve been following the Bounty Hunter for a long time, by now you know that our “side hustle” is to “fruit-rustle.” We track down “great stuff” wherever it hides, but take particular pride in that which we call our own. For our Pursuit brand, we tap into our deep connections here in Wine Country and secure incredible juice from top houses. We start early in the process so that we can guide the finished product and ensure that it’s up to our exacting standards. While confidentiality agreements are involved, we assure you that the sources at our disposal are some of the absolute best in California (it’s good to have friends). You probably wouldn’t believe where this stuff was born, even if we could tell you.

Proprietary Red
Napa Valley
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750 ml Bottle