2018 Robert Mondavi 'Martini Selection' Pinot Noir Carneros

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Suckling sums this one up beautifully: “This is tasting history with today’s precision. Dried-strawberry, cherry and balsamic aromas and flavors... focused and persistent, bright finish.” The vines for this beauty were planted in the mid-1970's, but these gen-x gems show no signs of angst in their evocative aromas and flavors of blackberry and wild violets woven with sweet spices.  

Robert Mondavi founded his namesake winery in 1966 at the age of 53. He wasn't flush with cash, but he had a big dream. He envisioned that a more gracious lifestyle can be lead through the appreciation of wine, food and art. When he came to Oakville in the Napa Valley he saw the land upon which he could build his dream winery and make wines to stand shoulder to shoulder with the best wines from around the globe. Well, the Italian farm boy made good, launching what would become the first major winery in the Napa Valley after the end of Prohibition. Robert Mondavi Winery revolutionized the world of American wine by focusing on quality grape cultivation and embracing hospitality as a part of the wine business. At their Oakville estate, styled in homage to the missions of early California, the warm spirit of hospitality is ever present. Drop by, they'd love to see you.

Pinot Noir
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100% Pinot Noir
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750 ml Bottle