2019 Gail 'Doris' Red Table Wine Sonoma Valley


This limited production (only 367 cases made) second wine of Gail Wines is a nod to the European table wines that Dan O’Brien’s great aunt would serve at family feasts in her backyard. It’s a classis California blend of Zinfandel, Old-Vine Mixed Blacks and Barbera that opens with freshly ground black peppercorns and finishes with a punchy tartness that will pair perfectly with your own family feasts.

From stocking store shelves to curating some of the largest wine programs in the country, Dan O’Brien has become somewhat of a Swiss Army knife for his industry. If his years spent buying, selling, and serving wine has taught him anything - it’s that above all, good wine should be accessible. A native of Rhode Island, Dan arrived in Northern California by way of Boston, where he went on to direct estate-grown wineries in Napa and Sonoma. Thanks to the support and encouragement of his mentors over the years, Dan produced his first vintage of Gail in 2013.Today, with an adventurous California spirit and a nod to European tradition, Dan produces eponymous wines in memory of his mother. Everything is grown in the Sonoma Valley, a place she would have considered paradise.

Red Blend
Sonoma Valley
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750 ml Bottle