2019 Reynolds Family Winery 'Persistence' Red Blend Napa Valley

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Steve Reynolds has been the talent behind Reynolds Family Wine for over 20 years, starting with this flagship Bordeaux style blend. Steve shares some of the secrets to his success in the documentary “Decanted” but if that’s not streaming in your neck of the woods, you can always just pour a glass and appreciate the skill at work!

Steve Reynolds has had an interesting career path. Having been everything from a commercial diver to a dentist, Steve cashed in all of his chips and gambled everything on the winery that bears his name. A bold move to be certain. When asked why he would leave a secure and stable job for the uncertainty of agriculture, his response is simple: “I didn’t want to leave my kids a dental practice.” For Steve and his wife Suzie, it’s about more than great wine (which they happen to produce). The legacy of what they’ve built is something to hand down to the next generation. Thanks to a close-knit network of growers and winemakers, Steve supplements his ten acres of estate vineyards with fruit no one can get. Among he and his friends, Steve has access to prime acreage in no fewer than eight of Napa’s 14 sub-districts. He then puts the skills he picked up from some of the Valley’s true winemaking legends to work in the cellar. Ruthless barrel selections before the final blend mean that only the good stuff winds up in the bottle. Believe us, if there’s one thing Steve takes seriously, it’s his family name. It wouldn’t be on the bottle if the juice inside was anything less than stellar.

Proprietary Red
Napa Valley
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750 ml Bottle