2020 Arietta 'On the White Keys' Carneros

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This Bordeaux styled white blend from Carneros is bright and mouthwatering with a grand and expressive finish. Lemon curd, honeysuckle and cooked apples pair perfectly with brioche in a full-bodied beauty that reads like a top white Bordeaux. 87% Sauvignon Blanc and 12% Semillon meld together into an age worthy white.

By now you're likely familiar with the Arietta label, which was born out of a friendship/partnership between wine specialist and auctioneer Fritz Hatton and winemaker John Kongsgaard. Both lovers of classical music and classic wines, their inspiration for Arietta is rooted in a special 2.3 acre block of Cabernet Franc on Lee Hudson's iconic Carneros ranch. In 2005 Fritz Hatton and wife Caren bought out the Kongsgaard family's interest in Arietta and brought on former Harlan Estate powerhouse Andy Erickson as winemaker (he's also the man behind Screaming Eagle and Dalla Valle, as well). We hope you enjoy their wines as much as we do.

White Blend
Andy Erickson
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750 ml Bottle