A Trip To Oaxaca Mezcal Collection

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This collection includes one each of the following mezcal:
Alipus Santa Ana del Rio Mezcal
Are you looking for an exquisite sip of agave without a ton of smoke? This beautiful expression of Espadin grown in mountainous calcium-rich soils, is a subtle spirit showing a wisp of smoke which is quickly overtaken by rich notes of butterscotch, and pure roasted agave sweetness. With slight hints of herbaceousness through the long, fruitful finish, you’ll find plenty to love at a sensational price. 

Los Nahuales Metodo Antiguo Mezcal
A unique expression of Espadin that is made in the “old way” of producing great mezcal. Metodo Antiguo is produced using the tails cut from the first distillation run (codas) to bring the resulting spirit down to proof instead of water. With sweet earth, a hint of funk and wonderful floral tones, this has a complex array of characteristics that will make even the most ardent aficionado taking whiffs every few minutes to sleuth the next hint of… something. With overtones of light smoke, this is a step up the spectrum from some more “entry-level” styles, but is still incredibly approachable. Become the Sherlock Holmes of mezcal and try a bottle today.

Mezcalero #21 Don Baltazar Cruz Gonzales Mezcal 
A sophisticated blend of three wild agave varieties: Cirial, Tepextate, and Tobala. You’ll find notes of citrus and acidity from the Cirial, vegetal notes from the Tepextate, and an unexpected elegance courtesy of the Tobala. Everything comes together during 22 months of rest in tank before bottling, and the three varieties meld quite seamlessly and play off one another’s strengths resulting in a refreshingly complex spirit. This is some next level stuff, so grab one of the 700 bottles produced for the world and you’re in for a treat!

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