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Merchants, Negociants, and Vintners 



e are Merchants, Negociants, and Vintners. For our customers, that means;

Wines We Make at Bounty HunterAs MERCHANTS, we sell some of the finest wines available in the world. Our roots run deep in the Napa Valley, enabling us to gain access to many wines you’ve only read or heard about or tasted in a restaurant. We taste thousands of wines a year so you don’t have to. When you buy from Bounty Hunter, we guarantee you will like what you get – or we want it back. Using our Wine Scouts (aka Personal Sommeliers), we will help you stay out of the weeds and get those great wines you so richly deserve!

As NEGOCIANTS, we have access to incredible barrel lots that never make it to the wine blending market. This allows us to craft awesome blended wines with components from the most elite growers and vintners, and, as long we keep our sources confidential, put our name on the labels and offer them to you, our valued customer. This is your chance to drink $100+ Cabernet at bargain prices.

As VINTNERS, we are a bonded winery, utilizing the talents of our top-flight winemaker, Tim Milos and taking advantage of our insider access to arguably the best fruit in Napa, Sonoma, and other areas. We produce some of our wines from grape contracts, crushing, fermenting, barrel aging and bottling our award winning Justice series, our Waypoint wines, and other fine products.