Ak Zanj 10-year Dark Rum

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A delightful rum that opens with deep caramel and some bright fruit tones. The palate shows hints of honey & vanilla with a dry nutty finish, all accented by a touch of fresh herbal character. 

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Ak Zanj 10-year is a rare breed. A spirit that melds the tradition and ceremony of Haitian Clairin and the depth and flavor profile of a well-aged spirit. This beauty can trace its lineage back to 1862 in Port-au-Prince when brothers Dupre & Labbe Barbancourt began distilling rum from locally sourced cane juice. Today, Labbe’s great-grandson Herbert is carrying on the family tradition. Along with sourcing, blending and bottling some of the world's most widely recognized clairin and rum brands, in more recent years he’s added distilling to his resume. Ak Zanj, from the Haitian Creole for "With Angels," is a nod to the evaporated spirit stolen by thirsty angels. Distilled in a 60+ year old Creole Column still and aged exclusively in limousine oak this 100% pure juice rum is produced almost exclusively from a low yield varietal named Madame Mueze which is hand- harvested by machete. It’s a spirit that will leave you intrigued and craving a little of the warm Caribbean sun.

10 years
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Ak Zanj
100% Sugarcane Juice
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750 ml Bottle