Angel's Envy Rye Whiskey

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We keep working hard to get more of this as the folks at Angel's Envy have it under lock & key due to its limited production. They brought the idea of finishing whiskey in other barrels to the fore with their bourbon, For this rye, they've found Caribbean Rum casks work best to add that little extra character they're looking for. A spicy rye that is bolstered with unctuous notes of blackstrap molasses, cocoa and mouthfuls of honey. A rye unlike anything else, this is not to be missed.
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Some people might say they have a problem when they hear that the folks at Angels Envy personally sample each barrel throughout every step of distilling and aging our spirits, and then repeat the entire tasting process for the special finish. We agree. They're raging perfectionists. Rooted in 200 years of bourbon heritage, they create artisan, hand-finished spirits that aren't afraid to improve on the classic tradition. Inspired by legendary Master Distiller Lincoln Henderson's lifetime spent crafting fine spirits, Angel's Envy is a masterpiece. The 5% of spirit lost each year during barrel aging is called the "Angel's Share." After tasting their finished bourbon, Lincoln joked that we'd finally gotten a better deal than the angels. And so Angel's Envy was born.

Spirit (Varietal):
Rye Whiskey
Oak Treatment:
Finished in Caribbean Rum casks
Country of Origin:
United States
Alcohol %:
Score Wine Enthusiast:
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750 ml Bottle
Wine Enthusiast:
Finished in Caribbean rum casks that result in a reddish amber pour with aromas of sweet butterscotch and toasted notes of vanilla that mingle well with hints of spice, dark fruits and sherry that lead into buttery rum flavors with some raisin and cherry in the background.