Angostura Bitters 16 oz

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The House of Angostura is located in Trinidad and Tobago, the twin island country located just off the coast of Venezuela. It was originally named for the city in which it was created, which has since become Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela. The name made famous by their iconic aromatic bitters is no one-trick wonder. On their quest to share the spirit of Trinidad with everyone they've become one of the Caribbean's leading rum producers as well. Their aromatic bitters are made up of a heady mix of botanicals; herbs and spices and alcohol too. It's often added to drinks to give them a little something extra - talk about a classic that's never gone out of style! And, while their aromatic bitters are the secret ingredient in many recipes, Angostura's rums are supple and luxurious all on their own. The line-up has been available in their local market for quite some time, but they're only recently finding their way to distant shores.

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