Ardbeg 'An Oa' Single Malt Whisky

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93 Points “Die-hard Ardbeg fans should have no complaints, and new converts have a real treat in store.” – Gavin Smith Whisky Advocate

This recent addition to Ardbeg’s core lineup is one of the most approachable releases from the venerable Islay distillery. This is a vatted single malt whisky that starts its maturation in a multitude of different casks including Pedro Ximenez Sherry, virgin charred oak, and ex-bourbon casks. It is then married in a bespoke French oak “gathering vat” prior to bottling. The result is an approachable style that is still unmistakably Ardbeg. It opens with big peat smoke aromas layered on top of complex flavors of cocoa, black tea, and a touch of butterscotch. A delicious and welcome arrival from Islay!

Follow your nose along the famous road from Port Ellen and you will eventually come to Ardbeg Distillery nestled in a rocky cove on Islay's southern tip. Since inception, Ardbeg has dealt with many trials and tribulations. From over-taxation in the late 1700's, to being mothballed in the late 1900's (much like Islay's indigenous townsfolk), it has seen it's fair share of hardships. Fortunately, a team of dedicated souls from Glenmorangie set about repairing and reviving the distillery and saved this historic brand from extinction. Utilizing divine older stock, they have crafted a few signature bottlings - including this one - that are highly coveted by malt enthusiasts.

Scotch Whisky
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750 ml Bottle