Ardbeg Traigh Bhan 19-year Single Malt Whisky Batch 2

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A rare age-statement release from the kings of smoke. Aromas of campfire, cooked sugar, cocoa, anise, and herbs are just a few of the highlights of this intensely complex whisky. Full-bodied and the peat is still ever present despite its age, you'll find additional notes of leather, mushrooms and a hint of citrus core. A truly stunning whisky from the rarest stocks in one of Islay's top producers.
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Follow your nose along the famous road from Port Ellen and you will eventually come to Ardbeg Distillery nestled in a rocky cove on Islay's southern tip. Since inception, Ardbeg has dealt with many trials and tribulations. From over-taxation in the late 1700's, to being mothballed in the late 1900's (much like Islay's indigenous townsfolk), it has seen it's fair share of hardships. Fortunately, a team of dedicated souls from Glenmorangie set about repairing and reviving the distillery and saved this historic brand from extinction. Utilizing divine older stock, they have crafted a few signature bottlings - including this one - that are highly coveted by malt enthusiasts.

Scotch Whisky
19 years
Alcohol %:
Ardbeg Distillery
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750 ml Bottle