Arkansas Black 'Single Barrel' Applejack Oregon

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Did you know what the early American settler's original native spirit it? Surprisingly, it is not rum or whiskey, but Applejack - which was made using the fruit found throughout the northern Colonies. Handmade in small batches with a variety of apples, Arkansas Black is the definition of a craft spirit. It takes twenty-five pounds of apples to make each bottle, and the spirit is aged around 3 years in French and American oak giving it a depth of flavor and character that is unparalleled. Hints of baking spice layered with oaky vanilla and caramel notes balance out the bright apple flavors. This is one bottle that will make you stand up, take notice and take Applejack seriously!

It's a family affair... Husband and wife team John and Samantha Collins have recreated a classic American spirit, Applejack, based on the methods used by Samantha's great-grandfather, Arthur "Skipper" Ford. Named for an heirloom variety of apple, Arkansas Black is a labor of love, and the Collins' passion for producing an authentic recreation of this legendary spirit shows in every bottle. 25 pounds of apples go into every 750ml, a mix of different varieties of apple depending on what is available each harvest, their small-batch production shows nuanced changes with each season. Rested in French Limousin and ex-Bourbon barrels prior to release, this is one classy spirit.We jumped on board early with this classic, and their brand speaks to everything Bounty Hunter stands for: rarity, pedigree, certainty.

Spirit (Varietal):
3 years
Oak Treatment:
French and American Oak
Country of Origin:
United States
Alcohol %:
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750 ml Bottle