ArteNOM '1146' Anejo Tequila

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Fifth-generation Master Distiller and agave cultivator Enrique Fonseca has one of the largest holdings of agave in Jalisco's Highland. Pure agave aromas of bright citrus, pepper and salinity lean into a creamy mouthful of vanilla, baking spices and toast that comes from a combination of aging the spirit in both French and American oak. This is one heavenly bottle of añejo tequila and a few sips will lead you straight to your salvation!

ArteNOM is the only project of its kind in the Tequila industry. Having gained authorization from the "Consejo Regulador del Tequila" (the governing body that controls Tequila regulations), founder Jacob Lustig is able to present aficionados with selections of Tequila produced by several different world-class distillers under a single unified label. These limited-release "selecciones" celebrate the best of Tequila craftsmanship by highlighting the agave's cultivation altitude and soil, as well as the masterful distillation techniques of different Tequila producing regions. Come join us for an epic liquid siesta and savor the best Mexico has to offer.

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750 ml Bottle