Ayate Añejo Tequila

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Aged in a variety of casks: American and French oak, and spending half its time in barrels used for Dave Phinney’s Chardonnays, this is a luxuriant and richly balanced añejo. Sublime aromas of citrus, honey, and butterscotch lead to an intense mouthfeel full of fresh agave, vanilla and pineapple. The finish is lithe and creamy with hints of caramel covered apples. This may be a bit of an unconventional tequila, but it works, and works well. You’ll find an energetic drink with a sense of place layered beneath the rich tones brought on by the oak.
As with many unfiltered wine & spirits, you may find sediment in the bottle, this is naturally occurring and should not alarm the drinker. 

As the creator of such well-known wine brands as Orin Swift, The Prisoner, and others you’re no stranger to Dave Phinney. He’s been known to produce wines that have an extra layer of flavor, and as a blender extraordinaire he always throws in a little twist. 
A few weeks ago we introduced you to his new whiskey and distillery on Mare Island called Savage & Cooke. The whiskeys have made quite a splash, their bold flavors enhanced by finishing in Cabernet barrels. Now, we’ve got something else from his playlist cued up. Enter Ayate Tequila. 
Ayate is a partnership that evolved from a chance meeting with the family behind a small distillery who produce exceptional spirits atop the Jalisco highlands. Take that austere, high altitude grown agave, ferment and distill it traditionally and you’ve already got the makings of a spectacular tequila. The twist… well, these tequilas are finished in some of Dave’s Chardonnay barrels prior to bottling, adding a sheen to the color, a sensuous mouthfeel, and a hint of flavor – all in a sleek package that may remind you of some other, more expensive agave spirits. Your next great bottle of tequila is here.

12 months
Alcohol %:
casa Ramirez NOM 1519
100% Blue Weber Agave
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