Balcones Distilling Rum Cask Finished Texas Single Malt Whisky

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Available outside of Texas for the first time, we've got a limited quantity of Balcones Single Malt Finished in Rum Casks. This is a whiskey that is blazing a trail straight to the top of the flavor charts. Aromatics of tropical fruits, vanilla, rum raisin ice cream, and a wisp of smoke rising from a grill. You'll find an assortment of berries that linger through the palate along with more toasted vanilla, gingerbread, and cola. This is a marvelous whiskey that will perk up your palate after a long day. Get your bottle today!

**One Bottle Limit Per Customer**

American Whiskey
Oak Treatment:
Rum Cask Finished
Balcones Distilling
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750 ml Bottle