Barrell Cask Strength Bourbon Batch 25

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A marriage of bourbons ranging from 5 years to 15 years old, this is the first blended bourbon from Barrell to include whiskeys produced with wheated mash bills. It's a complex whiskey with notes of Manuka honey, cinnamon, overripe banana, leather, stone fruit, and espresso. It’s focused richness and breadth of flavors that meld together seamlessly provide an elixir that will excite and entice your palate with every sip.

We have been really impressed with everything that Joe Beatrice and his team at Barrell Craft Spirits have released. And it’s clear that a panel of highly regarded judges felt the same. To be crowned the “Best Bourbon” at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition is a monumental feat for this rapidly growing, small batch whiskey company. When it is time for a new batch, the team sorts through casks through rigorous tasting to pick the collection of whiskeys that are showing best at that moment, regardless of age, and bottle them at cask strength. The result are completely unique batches of bourbon. We can attest that these one-of-a-kind batches are stunningly delicious. We think you’ll agree.

Bourbon Whiskey
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