Blood Oath Pact No. 5 Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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We loved this when we first cracked the sample and immediately knew this was a winner. The fifth release of Blood Oath is the first one, in our opinion, to top the inaugural release from back in 2015. A melding of three whiskeys each bringing their own intensity and flavor characteristics to the final product. It’s about time that rum-cask finished whiskey was involved in this treat, they’ve done wine cask finishes as part of the blend before, and we think those pirates knew a thing or two about flavorful spirits, so imparting some rum-like flavors in a whiskey with this kind of pedigree seems a natural fit. A limited release for the globe, we managed to secure enough for feature on our website. Enjoy!

Opens with traditional aromas of caramel, vanilla, and oak which are then augmented by rum-like sweet notes such as figs, brown sugar, and raisins. The palate offers additional notes of dried dates, orange spice, and a hint of sea salted caramel. The finish is bold and decadent with a lingering spice.

One Bottle Limit Per Customer

From time to time out on the trail, we encounter a kindred spirit raising a dust cloud on a distant ridge. As luck would have it we cross paths with other drifters obsessed with tracking down and seizing great stuff by the scruff of the neck. John E. Rempe is one such kindred spirit. He created Blood Oath as his magnum opus, his chance to describe his bond not to any one distillery or any one credo, but rather to the Bourbon lover. His Bourbons are bottling-dated, and sourced from rare and forgotten casks from unknown distilleries, a practice initiated by the legendary Scotch bottlers of old. His renown is growing. As the oath attests, "loose lips have never tasted something so special." You can relate to a guy like Rempe. He has a special place for bourbon in his soul, and this project allows him to take that passion to another level. He is fortunate in that he can select the best of what he finds and make it his own. Pact No. 4 is just that. A beauty of a marriage of three bourbons: aged 12, 10, and 9 years respectively blended to perfection with a balance and richness. If you’ve been a fan of these releases in the past, this is a must own!

Bourbon Whiskey
Oak Treatment:
New Charred Oak
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Lux Row Distillers
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