Bounty Hunter Cask Strength 10-year Justice Barrel Finished Bourbon Whiskey


Our flagship whiskey is a cavalcade of flavor! We took 10-year old bourbon, produced at MGP in Indiana, and finished it in French Oak previously used for our signature Napa Cabernet, “Blind Justice,” and the result is absolutely stunning. With red fruits accenting the spice and caramel of the bourbon all balanced by the sweet touch of toasted oak, this whiskey is the perfect union of two passions of ours. Only 600 bottles produced get it while it’s hot, there will never be another like it!

At Bounty Hunter, we are in a privileged position of knowing – since 1994 – where the best Cabernet vineyards are in the Napa Valley. We’ve also made a few friends with our suppliers over the years, over heaping plates of barbecue. Our Bounty Hunter Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon is the product of hours of haggling, cajoling, and occasionally shamelessly begging our partners for a few bins of their great Cabernet fruit for our master winemaker Tim Milos to bottle under our own label. If we told you the sources for our 2015 wine, you wouldn’t believe us, and because we like to stay a step ahead of the tort lawyer, we’re legally sworn to secrecy anyway.

Bourbon Whiskey
10 years
Oak Treatment:
Finished in Justice Barrels
United States
Alcohol %:
75% Corn, 21% Rye and 4% Malted Barley
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