Bowman Brother's 'Pioneer Spirit Small Batch' Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Virginia

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Abram S. Bowman purchased his Sunset Hills Estate in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains in 1933 - just after the repeal of Prohibition - to grow grain for local sale. He had an abundance of corn, rye and wheat and began distilling his own bourbon with the extra that didn't sell at the local market. The libation was a hit and this whiskey carries on that legacy. Distilled 3 times in a copper pot still, the soft and sweet notes of red apples, caramel and cinammon lead to a voluptuous finish with hints of rye spice. If you're a fan of Elmer T. Lee, give Bowman Brothers a whirl, it is a surefire winner.

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Abram Smith Bowman bought the Sunset Hills estate farm in 1927 and opened up a dairy and granary. The farm was so abundant that he needed a use for the excess grain from his fields. In 1935, after the repeal of prohibition in the state of Virginia, he built and licensed the distillery. His sons maintained that tradition, continuing to feed the distillers grains to the dairy cattle, which were known to be the most contented cows in Virginia. In response to the rising real estate prices and property taxes of Northern Virginia, in 1988 the distillery was moved to the current location in Spotsylvania County near the city of Fredericksburg, 60 miles away from the original location. As a small and American family owned company, A. Smith Bowman Distillery balances time-honored traditions with innovation and creativity to produce hand-crafted spirits. Distilled from the finest ingredients, the premium products created at A Smith Bowman Distillery honor the legacy and ground breaking spirit of Virginia's pioneers.

Spirit (Varietal):
Bourbon Whiskey
Country of Origin:
United States
Alcohol %:
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750 ml Bottle